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See the name - 'The Amazing Kung Fu' on any wrestling poster and you knew you were in for an exciting bout.  Match him against the likes of 'Rollerball' Mark Rocco and it was fast, unpredictable and sure to bring the house down.  After a couple of years of fans turning up to see this man wrestle, they sometimes got a poor quality imitation, but this all stopped on the 24th April 1976, when he was defeated and unmasked by Mick Mc Manus on a televised bout, reaching 10 million viewers, from Woking in England.  From then on, you were guaranteed to see the real thing..............Eddie Hamill.   They met again in another televised contest, this time from Croydon on the 18th April 1978, in which an unmasked Kendo Nagasaki entered the ring when Mc Manus would not break the hold which got him a submission.  Mc Manus was pushed out of the ring by Nagasaki and failed to return from the dressing room.  Several minutes later the referee ended this bout with a 'no contest' result, much to the disgust of Kung Fu.       Put him against a 'heel' and you got plenty of action, but then match him with Bert Royal or Frank Cullen and you got a class bout, which proved that the name 'Kung Fu' and related wrestling suits, were not just a gimmick, this guy COULD wrestle.   Although retired from wrestling 10 years ago, he is still interested in what is going on today and tries to go to the wrestlers' yearly reunions in both Ellesmere Port and Kent, to catch up with old friends and fans alike.